TBR List

Anything is Possible by E. Strout
by A. Smith (Reviewed 1/21/2018)
Emotionally Weird by K. Atkinson
Five-Carat Soul by J. McBride (Reviewed 1/14/2018)
Little Fires Everywhere by C. Ng (Reviewed 4/29/2018)
Pachinko by M. Jin Lee (Reviewed 4/22/2018)
Resevoir 13 by J. McGregor
The Leavers by L. Ko (Reviewed 3/4/2018)
The Power by N. Alderman
The Secret Life of the Owl by J. Lewis-Stempel
Wind-up Bird Chronicle by H. Murakami (Reviewed 5/13/2018)
Women Who Blow on Knots by E. Temelkuran

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